Did Gregory Ulmer invent a new word, or is this an actual thing? “Electracy is a theory by  Gregory Ulmer that describes the kind of skills and facicility to exploit the full communicative potential of new electronic media such as, multimedia, hypermedia, social software, and virtual words.”

Mind Chip

Ulmer says that Electracy is to electronic media, as the alphabet is to writing. As the internet becomes more dominant in our society, electracy is becoming even more important than it already is. It is 2015, and with out the skills to fully work electronic media, it is very hard to survive. Very soon it is going to be nearly impossible to live and survive without these needed skills (electracy). Everyday I find myself on the internet more and more. It started out with using the internet for fun when I was younger. As I grew older I have noticed myself relying on electracy more and more each day not just to have fun, but because I have to. Being able to use the internet and function on different applications and URL’s is a must now a days in schools all around the world. Before it use to be the library, books, and research. Now it is the internet, and soon, the internet only.

The word electracy may not mean that much to you right now, but if you look back to your younger days, and compare how important the internet is now to then, you can’t ignore Ulmer. Electracy is a very important skill that every person must have in order to survive in the near future. The growth of our internet and electronic media is like water flowing into an opened dam. Without this skill, you may not even be able to communicate in the future. The technological advancements seen in companies and how they operate within the company itself, all fall back on electracy.

Although there is still hope without this skill in 2015, there is a high chance that soon there will be no hope at all for the people who lack these communicative electronic media skills that Ulmer speaks on. Due to the advances I have seen and lived through in my short time, I will make sure to know every and anything that has to do with electronic media in order to have a chance of surviving when our society functions fully on it. I can see it, electronic media is taking over the world.